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We are a small team of web developers and designers who craft apps, products and websites.
We achieve repeatability by following a proven methodology.

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Product Manifesto

We have developed a set of standards to efficiently build great products.

Iteration is essential to innovation

The final product is rarely developed entirely on the first attempt. This coupled with fast-evolving technologies and tools, make our quick, iterative cycles an essential part of how we work.

User experience is key

We deliver solid user experiences by remaining focused on the desired user outcome. Providing a strong narrative around this outcome will maximize your chance of success.

Focus on the solution

Its critical to stay focused on the solution. By equipping our team with a clear end-goal and plan, they are able to think outside of the box and formulate fresh solutions to unique challenges.

Produce strategic benefits

Why are users buying your product? What is the purpose of your website? We will attempt to answer these questions and build a product that delivers tangible benefits to your business.

  • Namecheap for Education

    Interface Design & Development

    Kettle partnered with Namecheap to design a brand, website and the backend infrastructure for The entire project took less than 4 months to complete and now successfully services more than 50,000 users per year.

  • Felicis Ventures

    Interface Design & WordPress Theme

    Kettle worked closely with the Felicis Ventures to design a custom interface. Listening closely to their goals and aspirations we were able to develop a long-term solution for them. The design was ultimately integrated with WordPress.

  • eBay Inc.

    WordPress Theme

    Kettle worked with an agency parter to integrate a custom design for the eBay, Inc corporate website. The project required custom plugin development, with a strict adherence to security policies.

  • Adidas

    Interface Design & Development

    Kettle partnered with Adidas to produce an interactive leaderboard and social media application. We created a clear and engaging medium for viewing teams progress, within a simple package that could be reused at multiple Adidas sponsored events.

  • Lustr

    iOS & Development

    Kettle partnered with fashion reseller, Lustr, to develop an iOS app for their customers to purchase jewelry. The project required a custom backend featuring ERP/Financials, CRM and e-commerce capabilities. The iOS app was written in Swift and tied everything together into a simple, easy to use interface.

  • Palo Alto Networks


    Kettle worked with an agency parter to develop a kiosk based interface to demystify global internet threats, plotting real time threats on a map interface.


About Us

Our small team works hard, thinks smart and moves fast. We are a diverse team that share a passion for building the best products.

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Drew Witmer

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Adan Archila

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Gustavo Straube

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Panduka Senaka

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Martin Bukovics

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Florian Voutzinos

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Tim Whitaker

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Ben Packard

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